Ian McCulloch Handwritten signed lyrics Bring On The Dancing Horses.
Ian McCulloch Handwritten signed lyrics Bring On The Dancing Horses.

Ian McCulloch Handwritten signed lyrics Bring On The Dancing Horses.

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Here’s a message from Ian.

Hiya everyone, just a few words from me to you regarding my “Signed Lyric Prints”.

I have wanted to make this simple idea ( It’s my way of creating a different setting for my – I feel weird saying poetry but that’s what it is I suppose – poetry) to show some of my lyrics on beautiful prints, (with lyrics that I’ve chosen after going through every single word I’ve ever written each day, over and over again, for the last few years) a reality for ages now…

I love writing songs, and I love the important fact that a song has to be sung – usually in the form of sung words – otherwise how can it be called a song (?)…

I love writing words, and I love it when I feel the incredible euphoria of knowing I’ve written pure and definitive encapsulations of my true self in a beautiful, cryptic, melodious mystery. I see these prints as a way of showing that song lyrics can stand up alone, and apart, from the music they’re associated with if they have a poetic meaning and strength to them. I’d hate to think that the heart and soul I put into writing my lyrics goes unnoticed due to the mix or some “lost in translation” thing, because I haven’t ever written anything without it being and coming from my heart and soul, and that’s the main reason for my choice of lyrics which accompany each print.

I had to make this personal undertaking for loads of reasons. I picked the lyrical excerpts I think work best together as a body and also individually. They have been my life’s cornerstone philosophical landmark moments. To me they have anyway, and they mean more to me as time passes. And what they mean means more to me as every second passes too. I had to choose the lyrical passages from all the songs I’ve written over the decades that I knew I had to write. The words that, for as long as I live, will remind me of the boy and man who wrote them. X 😇

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